St. John Lutheran Church


                                     CENTER POINT, IOWA 52213


   JANUARY 2019  

St. John Lutheran Church(Missouri Synod)
       316 Vine Street, Center Point IA         
        David L. Hansen, Pastor      319-551-3989

EPIPHANY: The Feast of Epiphany is celebrated on Sunday, January 6, with the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord celebrated the following Sunday, January 13, which will also be our observance of Sanctity of Life Sunday.

ELDERS’ MEETING: Monday, January 7, at 7:00 PM in the west narthex.

MIDWEEK BIBLE STUDY resumes on Wednesday, January 2 at 9:45 AM.  A new study in 1 Corinthians will begin that day.  Study material is available in the narthex.

QUILTING GROUP continues to meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at 9 AM.

REV. DR. DEAN ROTHCHILD will be conducting the services on Sunday, Jan. 20 and Sunday, Jan. 27.

JANUARY VOTERS’ ASSEMBLY will be held following the service on Sunday, Jan. 27.   Church Council will meet on the preceding Monday at 7 PM.

NO MIDWEEK BIBLE STUDY on Wednesday, January 23.  No Catechism classes on Wednesday, Jan. 16 and 23.


Wednesday....2--Midweek Bible Study, 9 AM
                Catechism Classes, 7 PM

Thursday.....3--Quilting Group, 9 AM

Sunday.......6–-EPIPHANY OF OUR LORD       
                Worship w/comm, 9:00 AM
                Fellowship at 10:00 AM
                SS, BC at 10:15 AM

Monday.......7--Elders’ Meeting, 7 PM

Wednesday....9–-Midweek Bible Study, 9:45 AM
                Catechism Classes, 7 PM

Sunday......13–-BAPTISM OF OUR LORD          
                Worship at 9 AM; Fellowship 10 AM
                SS, Bible Class at 10:15 AM

Wednesday...16–-Midweek Bible Study, 9:45 AM

Thursday....17--Quilting Group, 9 AM

                Worship w/Comm, 9:00 AM
                Fellowship at 10:00 AM
                SS, Bible Class at 10:15 AM

Monday......21--Church Council, 7 PM

Sunday......27—-THIRD SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY                          

                              Worship at 9 AM, Fellowship follows
                Voters’ Meeting, 10:30 AM    

Wednesday...30––Midweek Bible Study, 9:45 AM
                Catechism Classes, 7:30 PM       

PLATE OFFERING: Concordia Semniary           


 7–-Seth Ferguson            15–-Mary Weyant       
    Mardella Sorensen     20–-Karen Ferguson    
10–-Bobbie Daugherty   22--Pat Jons         
14–-Don Carver               26--Justine Beaver

        27–-Willis & Cindy Heitshusen                                           

FOOD BANK NEWS:  The St. John Food Bank is administered by Rose and Cliff Beauregard.  During 2018, 100 food boxes were distributed, primarily at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, although food assistance is available year round to those in need.  In addition to monetary and food contributions from St. John congregation, the following persons and organizations also donated to the Food Bank: men’s and women’s groups of Alice United Methodist Church, Center Point Lions Club, Lafayette Christian Church, the Baptist Church, Center Point High School Robotics Club, Andersen Public Library’s “Food for Fines,” Center Point Middle School Math Class, Model T’s Granny Basketball, Marsha Smith, Charlotte Emerson and Cyle Coppass.  1051 items were collected by the Scouting for Food drive.  Thank you to Mary Behrens and Pat Akers for helping out with distributions.  A special thanks to Mary for all the help she has given the last couple of months.  Items needed at this time are canned fruit, boxed jello and pudding, mixed vegetables, and tomato, chicken noodle and vegetable soup.  Thank you for your generosity during the past year and in the new year as well.