St. John Lutheran Church


                                     CENTER POINT, IOWA 52213



St. John Lutheran Church(Missouri Synod)
316 Vine Street, Center Point IA 319-849-1251
David L. Hansen, Pastor

JUNIOR CATECHISM CLASSES will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 5  at 7:00 PM.

INSTALLATION OF THE SUNDAY SCHOOL AND CHRISTIAN EDUCATION STAFF for 2018--2019 will take place at the service on Sunday, September 9.

ELDERS’ MEETING: Monday, September 10, 7 PM.

CHURCH PICNIC will be held on Sunday, September 9 at the Dorothea and Paul Wood home on the Wapsi River in rural Central City, beginning at 1:00 PM.  More details are available on the bulletin board in the narthex.

WEEKDAY BIBLE STUDY (Wednesday at 10 AM) will resume on September 12.   Our study will use the LifeLight material on the Book of Hebrews.  The study material will be available on the resource table in the narthex by September 2.  If you haven’t been part of our study group before, we invite you to join us now.  We meet each Wednesday morning at 10 AM for about 60-75 minutes, preceded by prayer at 9:45.   If you have any questions, please speak with Pastor Hansen.

QUILTING FOR CHRIST QUILTING GROUP continues to meet at the church each Thursday of the month at 9:00 AM.  More people to help with the sewing are always appreciated.  For more information, speak with Joanie Chapman.
    SEPTEMBER  2018
Sunday.......2–-15th SUNDAY after PENTECOST  
                Worship with Communion, 9:00 AM
                SS, Bible Class at 10:25 AM
Wednesday....5–—Catechism Classes, 7 PM
Thursday.....6--Quilting for Christ Group, 9 AM
Sunday.......9–-16th SUNDAY after PENTECOST   
                Worship, 9:00 AM
                Installation of CE Staff ‘18-‘19
                Fellowship at 10:00 AM
                Sunday School at 10:15 AM
                Church Picnic at 1:00 PM
Monday......10--Elders’ Meeting, 7 PM
Wednesday...12—-Midweek Bible Study, 9:45 AM     
                Catechism Classes, 7 PM
Sunday......16–-17th SUNDAY after PENTECOST
                Worship with Communion, 9 AM
                Fellowship at 10:00 AM
                Sunday School, BC at 10:25 AM
Wednesday...19—-Midweek Bible Study, 9:45 AM
                Catechism Classes, 7 PM
Thursday....21--Quilting for Christ Group, 9 AM

Sunday......23–-18th SUNDAY after PENTECOST
                Worship, 9 AM
                Fellowship at 10:00 AM
                Sunday School, BC at 10:15 AM
Wednesday...26—-Midweek Bible Study, 9:45 AM
                Catechism Classes, 7 PM

Sunday......30--19th Sunday after PENTECOST
                Worship with Communion, 9 AM
                Fellowship at 10:00 AM
                Sunday School, BC at 10:25 AM
PLATE OFFERING: Lutheran Bible Translators
ELDERS: Wayne Buelow, Jon Sackett                               

 2--Mark Behrens       17–-Jolene Behrens 
 7—-Kendall Heitshusen 18–-Ron Heins         
10–-Lois Brooks        20--Courtney McGovern
13--Carol Johnson      22--John Meyne     
15—-Willis Heitshusen      Charlotte Sundermeyer
16--Esther Henderson
    Becca Hansohn
       6-Tony & Katie Stadheim
       9–Ron & Pat Jons