St. John Lutheran Church


                                     CENTER POINT, IOWA 52213


Wedding Guidelines
In order to schedule a wedding at St. John, it is necessary to inform the pastor at least SIX MONTHS prior to the planned date. There are several reasons for this. The first is to show that the couple is entering marriage reverently and deliberately, recognizing marriage to be God's institution, and therefore worthy of careful preparation. The second is to allow adequate time to schedule at least 4-6 pre-marriage preparation sessions with the pastor, not only to plan for the wedding service, but even more importantly to prepare for marriage itself. In order to be fair to all, this guideline needs to be respected.

In addition, it is necessary to recognize that a wedding service here at St. John is also a service in which we worship our gracious and loving God. For that reason, the service itself must be planned with that in mind. This means that music chosen for the wedding service must be appropriate for such worship.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, or have other questions about wedding and marriage preparation, please direct them to the pastor. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.